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Reviving Your DJ Kit

How we make it happen! We explain our repair process in detail so you know exactly what to expect...

10/10/20232 min read

person holding green and black circuit board
person holding green and black circuit board

The Initial Conversation:

Our journey starts with a conversation. We want to know every detail about the issues you're facing with your equipment. The more information you provide, the better equipped we are to diagnose and fix the problems. We'll ask questions, you'll share insights, and together, we'll set the stage for a successful repair journey.

Gear Check-In:

Once we have a clear understanding of the issues, it's time to get your equipment to us. You can drop it off at our repair center or arrange for shipping if you're not in the vicinity. We'll take excellent care of your gear from this point forward.

Full Inspection:

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your equipment. This isn't just about finding the issues you've mentioned; it's about unveiling any hidden problems that might be lurking beneath the surface.

Your Options, Your Choice:

After the inspection, we'll give you a call and discuss our findings. You'll be in the driver's seat, making informed decisions about what repairs you'd like to proceed with. We'll present you with various options and pricing, so you can choose the path that suits your needs and budget.

The Magic Happens:

With all the parts in hand, we work our magic. Our skilled technicians get to work, meticulously repairing your gear to its former glory. It's not just about fixing the problems you've identified; we go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of your equipment is in tip-top shape.

Deep Clean and Revamp:

We don't stop at repairs. We give your equipment a serious deep clean to make it look brand new. We want you to be wowed not only by the performance but also by the appearance of your gear.

The Final Bill:

Before you come to collect your equipment, we'll send you the final bill. This is to be paid before collection. Once the payment is settled, your freshly revamped gear is ready for you to enjoy once more!


It's not just about fixing equipment; it's about reviving memories, reigniting your passion, and ensuring that your DJ gear is in prime condition. Our process is designed to be transparent, customer-focused, and results-driven. We're here to bring the music back into your life, one DJ gear repair at a time. Let's get your equipment back to doing what it does best - making memories!

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We Fix, You Mix

At Restore Audio - Bournemouth, we're all about bringing your beloved DJ equipment back to life. Whether that be a Pioneer DDJ, CDJ, XDJ, DJM, Technics 1210 / 1200 turntable or Allen & Heath mixer, we understand the heartache that comes with gear malfunctions. You can see more details of our services here. We've crafted a seamless process to get you back to spinning tracks. Here's a breakdown of how we do things:

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